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Frankie Valli
[Francis Casteluccio]

Born May 3, 1927

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were known as the "Pride of New Jersey".  All born in Newark, New Jersey, they performed in Atlantic City, all over the Jersey Shore and made a total of 3 Ed Sullivan appearances on national television.  

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys had a very distinct sound, and these were probably the only two American groups who did not suffer when the British Invasion hit with such bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones.  Frankie was known for his high-pitched, almost girlish-like voice, and for such mega hits like Walk Like A Man; Dawn, Oh What A Night (December 1963); a remake of I've Got You Under My Skin; Big Girls Don't Cry; My Eyes Adored You and Sherry among many others.

Frankie retired when he suffered from a hearing loss and spent much of his retirement, still living in the same county in New Jersey he was born in.  He then moved to California and came out of retirement to go on the road and start peforming some of his old favorites. 

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