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Mira Sorvino

Born in Tenafly, New Jersey on September 28, 1967

Mira Sorvino went to Harvard University.  So what career Mira did she decide on against her father's wishes? Acting.  Nonetheless, when she finally made it in Hollywood and accepted an Oscar in her role for for Mighty Aphrodite, she wept and thanked her father for his inspiration, love and support, and so did her father, Paul Sorvino.  Paul says "Actually, it was completely spontaneous. I tried but there was absolutely no stopping the emotions and the tears."

I personally met Mira, at the same time I met her father, but I didn't have a conversation with her, as her father was very protective, he did, however, introduce me to his son. Typical Italian father.  When I met Mira, she was a brunette, and she called her father "daddy" (I thought it was very sweet), and I am glad, these Italians still know the value of family in a modern time. 

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