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Paul Sorvino

Born in Brooklyn, New York on April 13, 1939

None to play a tough-guy in mob movies, and often the strong, old fashioned father in shows as recent as "That's Life" on CBS in which he plays a blue-collar worker in New Jersey, Paul Sorvino, is a good, old-school guy, a real Italian, with a heart of gold, I can attest to that personally since I met him sometime back in the 90s and knew him to be a gracious, humble, warm and friendly guy.  Like Al Pacino, as soon as you start watching Paul Sorvino in anything he does, you stop seeing Paul and start seeing the character he is actually playing.  That is acting, whether it be the role of the lawyer of a deaf man wrongly accused in the film Dummy, the father in Amanti Girls or Thats Life, or the boss in Goodfellas.  But Paul Sorvino is not only a fantastic actor, he also dabbles in Operatic singing.

Like a typical Italian father, he only wants the best for his children, especially Mira Sorvino, who went to Harvard University.  So what career Mira did she decide on against her father's wishes? Acting.  Nonetheless, when she finally made it in Hollywood and accepted an Oscar in her role for for Mighty Aphrodite, she wept and thanked her father for his inspiration, love and support, and so did her father.  Paul says "Actually, it was completely spontaneous. I tried but there was absolutely no stopping the emotions and the tears."  A true father, a true man, a true Italian, they know when to bark and when to cry.

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