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"Gumba" Johnny Sialiano

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John Sialiano's parents come from the very beautiful Toarmina, Sicily, but he was born in the Bronx.  After getting a BS at SUNY, he became a free agent football player with both the NY Jets and NY Giants.  He stood 6' tall and was 220lbs, but ufortunately his career was cut short due to a neck injury, and he had to retire from football earlier than usual.  After that, he became a bodyguard to noted business people such as Malcom Forbes, the late Sam Kinison and Motown legend Smokey Robinson.  

Eventually he made his way into writing comedy sketches for radio stations like Z-100 in New York and performed stand-up comedy at popular comedy clubs like Caroline's in Manhattan, Rascal's in New Jersey and performed with comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Martin Lawrence, Colin Quin, and John Direstea. He also appeared on TV shows, including The Ricki Lake show and Queen Latifah.

In early 1996, NY Radio Station KTU discovered Johnny and brought him on as a writer. It was soon evident that he should be in front of the mic and soon they made him co-host of their Morning Show.   Today he is well known on the club circuit and is a very popular on-air radio personality.  He also contributes a tremendous amount of time to charties such as St. Jude's Children's Hospital; The Guilda Club; March of Dimes; Ronald McDonald House; AMFAR, American Cancer Society and many others.

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