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Giuseppe Garibaldi

Garibaldi was probably one of the greatest Italian patriots, if not the most famous.  He began his career in the navy as an officer.  In 1848-49 he fought against the Austrians and from 1853 worked for the unification of Italy under Vittorio Emanuel II, King of Sardinia. After a further campaign against the Austrians in 1859 and with the support of Cavour and his Redshirts, Garibaldi embarked on his now legendary ''Expedition of a Thousand".   Landing in Sicily near Marsala on May 11 th 1860 he assumed control in the name of Vittorio Emanuel. After also entering the Bourbon Capital, Naples at the king's side he relinquished his position, taking himself off to Caprera. In 1862 he led a force of volunteers in failed attempts to free Rome from the papacy.  His memoirs "Memorie autobiografiche" were published in 1888 by his son Menotti.


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