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Sicilian Culture: The People

Michelangelo Antonioni

Films Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
1950  Cronaca di un Amore (Story of a Love Affair)
1952  I Vinti (The Vanquished)
1953  La Signora Senza Camelie (The Lady Without Camellias)
1955  Le Amiche (The Girlfriends)
1957  Il Grido (The Cry)
1960  L'Avventura (The Adventure)
1961  La Notte (The Night)
1962  L'Eclisee (The Eclipse)
1964  Il Deserto Rosso (The Red Desert)
1966  Blow Up
1969  Zabriskie Point
1972  Chung Kuo Cina
1975  Professione: Reporter (The Passenger)
1980  Il Mistero di Oberwald (The Oberwald Mystery)
1982  Identificazione di una Donna (Identification of a Woman)
1995  Al di la Delle Nuvole (Beyond the Clouds)

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